Global Assets Investment, LLC
Company Description
  Global Assets Investment, LLC ("Global") is a US investing and consulting firm that primarily focuses on life science, biotechnology and agriculture-related businesses. Global invests in early stage companies using funds of its partners and provides a variety of consulting services for companies in the above-mentioned fields. Its services include cross-border technology transfer/licensing and partnership development (R&D, Manufacturing, Clinical trials, Distribution), equity investment, and M&A advisory business. Global's consulting clients include private and public US, European, Chinese, and Japanese medical device, pharmaceutical and biotech companies.  

•Investing in life sciences companies, especially in therapeutics and medical/diagnostic products addressing unmet medical
needs and in healthcare services

•Advising US, European, and Asian companies to license their technologies and products in China

•Advising US, European, and Asian companies to acquire operating assets in China and vice versa

•Assisting Chinese companies to transfer technologies and products to US companies for further development

Examples Of Investments


•Cardiva Medical

•Fuda Biotech Co. Ltd.

•China Venture Capital Company